Lip Voltage Lip Plumper 5ml
  • Lip Voltage Lip Plumper 5ml

    Dreamweave Lip Voltage Lip Plumper (5ml) is arguably the most technologically-advanced lip volumiser available on the market. Featuring a completely unique precision dual-dispersing system, Lip Voltage allows you to mix six customised clear formulations in just one tube.

    With the unique, contoured applicator, you can programme the system and interchange tingle sensations with the flick of a switch.


    Using state-of-the-art Collagen Peptides, Lip Voltage offers maximum volume - perfect for ladies who want irresistible lips! Regular use will also increase retained Collagen levels to create softer, fuller lips. Completely cruelty-free & vegan-friendly.


    Key Features:

    • Select your voltage and choose from six custom heat settings.
    • Lasts for approximately 6 months with regular use.
    • Auto-mix technology & a precision dual dispensing system with six custom formulations in just one tube.
    • Has a clear, transparent formula allowing you to use it alongside your favourite lip colours.

      Directions of use:

    • Release the lock system, remove the lid and ensure the applicator is clean.
    • Twist the dial to your chosen custom setting and push the base to release the booster treatment.
    • Massage into lips using the applicator.